weighted blankets

for comfort and healing


Got it fast and it’s beautiful. My autistic mermaid will love it.


Thank you so much for the beautifully made blanket. It’s perfect. I have Ehlers Danlos syndrome, and the weighted blanket is so soothing to my aching joints and muscles. I can’t thank you enough for the relief your blanket has brought to me.


At first my students didn’t want to try the lap pad I got from you. But then one of them decided he’d give it a try, and then everyone else wanted to use it too! One of my students has trouble focusing, couldn’t even hold a pencil. When he uses the lap pad, he is able to write, get his work done…this lap pad is amazing! I want one for each of my students!


Special Education Teacher

My son did not know how to nap. We got our weighted blanket from you, and it was a total game changer! He’s finally learning to sleep!


I just love your products! I tried a shoulder wrap at my yoga studio and it was awesome!


How Nonah and Bean Began

The name of my shop comes from our twin boys. Our adventure began when Jonah and Ben were born 11 weeks premature. They were “micro preemies”- just over 2lbs each. It was a harrowing, terrifying time for my husband and me, as our lives were forever entwined with these fragile little babies.

When Jonah and Ben were toddlers, they were quite the talkers. They had other delays, and many therapies, but speech has always been a strong point for them. They would toddle around the house, calling to each other. Ben would call Jonah, “Nonah” and Jonah would call Ben, “Bean.” That is one of my most favorite memories of my little boys. Every time I think of “Nonah and Bean,” my heart swells with love for these brave, resilient little boys who have faced so many struggles head on with grace and fierce courage.

Now we have four beautiful, perfect children. They happen to all have special needs. Several years ago, I found out about the benefits of weighted blankets. I discovered that the gentle weight in these blankets and lap pads is like a hug for your nervous system! The deep pressure relaxes your brain and body so that you can be calm and comfortable. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on what sounded like an amazing fix for my kids’ sleep issues, ADHD, mood disorders, SPD and Tourette Syndrome, among other things…

I looked for where to buy one of these miracle blankets, and was so disappointed with the choices. All of them were boring and expensive. I had set out wanting to wrap my darlings in cheer and comfort! And all I could find were solid colored blankets that were very pricey. AND they didn’t have any fluff inside for extra coziness. So we settled and bought a drab blue blanket.

That blanket has done its job over the years. It truly has been a miracle! But at some point my kiddos decided they did not want to share this single weighted blanket. I looked for where to buy some more, but again, wasn’t happy with the choices that were out there. So I decided to pull out my sewing machine and make a blanket myself. I made one for my little girl, and she sleeps with it every night. She says it feels like a hug, all night long. Then I made the kids each a weighted lap pad. I couldn’t believe the difference in the car, while doing homework, while trying to get the kids to actually sit and eat dinner! Even when my kids would cry about an owie, if I offered a weighted blanket or lap pad as part of my Mommy Comfort Routine, the kids recovered more quickly from their tears!

Soon friends and family found out I had made these weighted things for our family, and began to ask if I could make their kiddos a blanket or lap pad. It was so much fun being able to help other families to find a little more peace, a little more comfort, a little less struggle.

I decided to open my shop so I can reach an even broader range of families looking for solutions for their kids. I want to help as many people as I can. This simple little idea of some weight in a blanket is such a profound gift to so many people. It has been found to help anyone who has Cerebral Palsy, Depression, Dementia, Autism, Bipolar Disorder, Tourette Syndrome, ADHD, Sensory Processing Disorder, Anxiety, Restless Leg Syndrome, and on and on! You can select one of the fabric options, then decide which size and weight you would like. Pricing depends on these variables. Lap pads are $40, weighted blankets start at $70. If you’d like to place a custom order, there is a $10 fee for lap pads and a $20 fee for blankets.

I want to give the gift of a gentle hug to all those kids (and grown ups!) out there who need a little extra support. I want to be able to wrap them all in blankets that bring a smile to their faces and peace to their hearts. Blankets that are soft, colorful, funky, and unique. I am grateful for all the families my blankets have touched so far, and I can’t wait to spread the joy even further with my one-of-a-kind blankets!

Check out the following links for more information about the benefits of weighted blankets.


Making weighted blankets to help kiddos with special needs is such a passion of mine!