We currently provide individual and small group therapies for physical, occupational, speech and developmental therapy, as well as counseling. We have started offering expanded programs for the family unit and associated community members. These programs include developmental screenings, parent and sibling support groups, specialized therapy groups, peer modeling and socialization groups, various adult/parent and child yoga classes, literacy programs, and summer camps to name a few. We plan to provide funding for some of there services through our not for profit organization, Community Outreach and Education (CORE).

S.O.S. Feeding Therapy

Facilitators: Nancy Nedland, MA E-RYT, Amy Hirt, LCSW RYT, and Marla Tracy, LCSW RYT

The Therapy Tree, LLC in downtown Lake Villa 89 Cedar Avenue

Reading & Writing Therapy

Children of Divorce

Social Skills Training

Child's Space

Summer Camps

Wellness Center

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