Essential Oils – Mother Nature’s Medicine Box

Have you ever heard or read that everything needed for our health and wellness exists in nature? Much information has been shared about plants as not only nutritional, but medicinal as well. Essential oils obtained from plants are one way that plants provide for health and wellness.

Disclaimer: Information provided is not intended as medical advice. If you feel ill or unwell, please contact your physician. Complimentary methods are meant to be a form of adjunct health care and are not a substitute for other healthcare provided by a medical doctor or other licensed provider. Always consult with your medical provider prior to starting any therapies, physical activities, or health supplements.

What are Essential Oils?

Each plant has a very individual “chemistry” that is that plant’s personal “immune system” that protects and provides for the growth and wellness of that plant in nature. We can gain benefits from using the specific “immunities” of herbs or plants in what we eat, drink, inhale or put on our skin. The oils from the plants can be released through touching them, burning, crushing, chopping, cooking and distilling.

How do Essential Oils work?

Science today has the ability to measure the chemical makeup of plants and their essential oils and their effect on the human body. Now modern science has recognized what ancient medicine already knew; plants have compounds that can aid in sustaining health and wellness of our body systems and organs, central nervous system regulation and efficiency, mental clarity and processes, emotional well-being, and spiritual practices and well-being.

Essential oils work through vibrational healing. Modern science can measure the “frequency” of all matter, even our body organs and systems. Plants and their chemical compounds or “immunities” also have measurable “frequency”. For example, our brain when healthy vibrates at 72-90 Megahertz (MHz); the human body vibrates at 62-68 MHz during the day. When we become ill at ease, or suffer injury or illness affecting our brain, its frequency will begin to decrease. This is the process of dis-ease or disease. A cold will decrease vibration of the body to 58 MHZ, bacterial infection to 55MHZ, cancer to 42 MHz. Negative thoughts alone reduce our vibration by 12MHz.

Essential oils, depending on the particular oil, vibrate at frequency from 30MHz to over 200MHz. In general, lower frequencies work closely with physical needs in the body, middle frequencies work with energy systems and emotion, and higher level frequencies work with spiritual connections and emotions. When you use an essential oil, it either supports and maintains health and wellness, or increases your health and wellness by raising the vibration of your brain, body and energy systems, emotions and sense of well- being and spiritual connection. However, essential oils are so complex and finely balanced through nature, that they do not overwhelm the body and cause unwanted side effects like medicines with high concentrations of the active ingredients often do.

How do you use Essential Oils?

There are precautions and safety concerns associated with some oils. It is important to become educated on which oils are safe to use for each individual. Some oils have contraindications during pregnancy, for young children, with seizure disorder or other illnesses. Many oils cause photosensitivity as well, or sensitivity to sunlight and cause burns. Even citrus juice in its raw form can cause photosensitivity if left on the skin.
The most common methods of using oil and often the safest is through aromatherapy with palm inhalation or diffusing. Many can also be ingested in capsules or directly in cooking food, tea or milk. Oils are often used in direct skin to skin application and massage, although some oils should be diluted rather than used “neat” or full strength. It is very important to use therapeutic grade oils, as oils cut with synthetics react very differently with the body causing undesired side effects while diluting or erasing the healing property of the oil.

Where do I get therapeutic grade oils?

It is recommended consumers research the oil companies from which you want to purchase oils to determine their methods of oil production and quality control. Often you can purchase directly from oil companies through their websites, or through personal distributors, or from health and wellness-type retail stores.